Reiki Classes

Online Reiki I Class
Learn to practice Reiki for self-care and to offer healing to others.

Reiki I Class

Date(s): TBA
Investment: $225


Reiki Class – Level I

Online Reiki classes provide an opportunity for students to participate from any location to learn a spiritual practice especially helpful during this global pandemic. The virtual online Reiki class is open to anyone that is interested in learning a gentle, and effective healing practice. Online Reiki classes are interactive and educational and empowers students to practice Reiki for self-care and to offer as an intervention or treatment to others. No prerequisites required to register for the upcoming level I online Reiki class certification.

Who should attend?
Reiki beginners, parents, caregivers, healers, children and health professionals are invited to learn, practice and share together. Level I Reiki classes support individuals interested in a simple yet beneficial healing therapy to treat and balance the whole person – mind, body and spirit. My level I online Reiki class teaches students the foundation and principles for applying Reiki treatments for self-care and as an intervention or treatment for others. The simplicity of Reiki makes it easy to learn with no prior hands-on healing experience required, making it available to people regardless of age or state of health.

What you will learn:
The foundation of Usui Reiki practice is for self-care which is the focus of the teachings in this level I online Reiki class. A daily commitment to Reiki practice opens the student to a deeper understanding of Reiki through their own personal practice experience. Students are introduced to the history, principles, treatment methods and protocols and hand placements. Each student receives four initiations which commences students to begin the practice of Usui Reiki for self-care and to share with others. A 7-day self-care practice will be required, and a phone follow up to review each student’s experience will be scheduled. A certificate of completion will be mailed once all requirements have been successfully completed.

On-going support:
On-going support via email, phone, Zoom will be available to all students that have completed this class. Access to monthly Virtual Healing Circles and a private FB page to connect with other Reiki 4 Well Being students to ask questions, share experiences and request healing sessions.

Workshops are non-refundable.
Should you need to cancel the Reiki class you have registered for for any reason, you may reschedule the class at a later or more convenient date. Please register for the class through the convenient PayPal link or contact me for additional registration options. Information to access the online class will be sent upon registration. Please be sure to submit a good email address as class materials will be emailed a few days prior to class.

Private instruction or training available, please contact me to further discuss. Interested in arranging a Reiki class for a group of friends, family members, co-workers or a support group? Contact me for more information.

Reiki has changed my life

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve taken your class. Reiki has changed my life. What a blessing! I want people to experience your class and know that Reiki can change their lives.

Maureen Swancey, FL

I wanted to give you a note of thanks for your Reiki level 1 work with me.  The skills that I learned in your class allowed me to “balance” my energies, subsequently allowing me to experience a intensive spiritual “surge” that lasted for several months.  I’m not so sure that without your work that I would have been able to release so much. For this I am grateful. I deeply appreciate you and the work you do.  I just wanted to let you know how much you helped me on my journey…

Chris Cobb, GA


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