Reiki II Class

Distant Healing Reiki II Class
Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Clearwater/Largo, FL OR live Video via Zoom

**Please note: Students can choose to attend the distant healing class at our Clearwater/Largo, FL location OR live video via Zoom

The Distant Healing / Reiki II class opens students up to further possibilities for healing beyond physical touch and focuses on healing by placing greater emphasis on the mind. Students will be provided with practical methods to support their training and understanding for the beneficial practice of distant healing. Reiki healers will expand their knowledge and ability to offer healing to anyone, anywhere, anytime without barriers of time, distance, or space through the practice of distant healing.

Who should attend:
The Distant Healing / Reiki II class is for practitioners that have been initiated in first-degree or Reiki level I training and ready and prepared to take the next step in making a deeper connection with their Reiki practice. For many, this method is very practical when family members and loved ones are unable to be physically present for a Reiki treatment. Professionals such as counselors, teachers and psychotherapists who would like to incorporate healing into their work where touch is not in the scope of their practice are also invited to learn distant healing.  **Please note students are required to have completed Reiki I training as a prerequisite to level II training. Please contact me prior to registering if you have taken Reiki I from another Reiki master.

What you will learn:
Students replace the hands-on physical approach and focus their concentration on healing with the mind, a practice known as distant healing. Three of the five Reiki symbols are introduced in this workshop and are an integral component to practicing distant healing. Much different than Reiki I, the class will practice distant healing with each student participating in the class. Students will receive one initiation in this training and will be assigned an individual to offer distant treatments for one week. A certificate of completion will be presented once all requirements have been met in the distant healing workshop.

On-going support:
On-going support via email, phone, Zoom, Google Meet will be available to all students that have completed this class. Access to Virtual Healing Circles and a private FB page to connect with other Reiki 4 Well Being students to ask questions, share experiences and request healing sessions.

Workshops are non-refundable: Should you need to cancel for any reason, you may reschedule the class at a later or more convenient date. Please register for the class through the convenient PayPal link or contact me for additional registration options. A confirmation and class information will be sent upon registration. Should the email address provided in your PayPal account differ than your preferred email, please navigate to the Contact me section and complete a submission with your preferred email address. Please indicate whether you will be attending the workshop in person or via Zoom. Directions or Zoom details will be emailed a few days prior to class. Zoom attendees will keep their video setting on throughout the training with minimal distractions in their environment.

Private instruction or training available, please contact me to further discuss. Interested in arranging a Reiki class for a group of friends, family members, co-workers or a support group? Contact me to learn more.

For additional registration options, please contact me via phone or email

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