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Usui Reiki Classes in Largo, FL

Level I Reiki Classes

Usui Reiki Classes
Reiki healing

Usui Reiki classes provide a wealth of benefits. Reiki can help ease the symptoms of stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain; can be practiced for daily self-care to support healthy lifestyle changes; can ease side effects from to conventional medical treatments; and help manage chronic conditions. Usui Reiki classes are open to all beginners, health professionals and veterinarians that would like to integrate Reiki healing into their current practice or for their own personal care. Virtual online classes are offered monthly through Zoom. For more information about Reiki classes, dates and registration… LEARN MORE>>


Level II Reiki Class

Usui Level II Reiki ClassesStudents that have been initiated as an Usui Reiki I practitioner are welcome to register for the level II class. The level II Usui Reiki classes teach students a different method of offering Reiki treatments to others, known as distant healing. Applying a distant Reiki treatment provides a practitioner with further possibilities in offering healing treatments to people, places, world events, or a cause that one supports. This technique is very different than the more traditional hands-on treatments, but as effective and convenient when the practitioner and client are unable to be in the same location. Virtual online classes are offered monthly through Zoom. For more information about distant healing classes, dates and registration… LEARN MORE>>


Reiki Master Classes

Reiki Master Training The Level III or Reiki master training class is the final step that prepares the Reiki practitioner to share and teach Usui Shiki Ryoho. This intensive empowers the professional with the knowledge, skills and training to guide them through the ritual and sacred teachings leading them to their final initiation as a Reiki Master. The final two sacred symbols are revealed to the students in this class and guidance and instruction on how to pass initiations to others is essential in the completion of the Reiki master class.  LEARN MORE>>


Amazing classes

Amazing classes, she teaches a great practice that can help your life and others! Highly recommend.

Carrie Moore, FL