Anna Bergstrom, FL, Aug 2020

I have taken classes, as well as having individual healing sessions with Kandi. She is warm and intuitive and always seems to share just the right thing to support my healing. It’s always a pleasure to connect with her.

Maureen Swancey, FL, Jul 2020

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve taken your class. Reiki has changed my life. What a blessing! I want people to experience your class and know that Reiki can change their lives.

Alexandra Leigh, FL, Apr 2020

Kandi is a wonderful practitioner, as well as a Master level practitioner. She is very thorough in her certification classes, and offers continued support even after we complete the course. I was skeptical in who I would choose to receive my training from, and I am very pleased with my choice. I look forward to going back for my Master’s level.

Terry Bulla, Jul 2015

I recently completed the Level 1 class and was totally pleased with what I learned. Kandi is patient, kind and totally understanding of the needs of each student. Since completion of the course I have experienced a renewed energy and sense of well being. An understanding has awakened a realization of the spiritual power that awaits all of us when we understand how to utilize the energy that surrounds us. I have used what I have learned to promote healing in my own body and found a deep and abiding peace while practicing. I highly recommend this course.

Susan Brown, Apr 2018

Absolutely amazing. She is the real deal. So helpful and just spot on. I will only use her. I could not be happier with her sessions. She has helped me and my fiance to get a giant hold on a massive life shift. You will not be disappointed.

Holly Talarchyk, Feb 2018

Kandi at Reiki 4 Well Being is very knowledgeable and she loves what she does, which shows in her kind and caring demeanor with her students. Once you have taken a class from her, she becomes your teacher for life. You can go to her with any questions or concerns at any point in your practice. I have taken Reiki l and ll from her, and can’t wait to take the master class! I highly recommend Kandi and Reiki 4 Well Being.

Carrie Moore, Feb 2018

Amazing classes, she teaches a great practice that can help your life and others! Highly recommend

Denise Katakis, Aug 2017

I am so grateful to have found Kandi Mullen and taken Reiki Level 1 and II with her. I was a complete novice (having had one Reiki treatment in my life) before working with her. Her classes were appropriate for a newbie like me or for advanced holistic healers. The level i & II workshops helped me to establish a self care practice and provide occasional distance sessions. Kandi remains an inspirational and spiritual influence in my life. She is always open and available to provide guidance on a broad range of healing practices and continually opens me to new ways of seeing the world. I highly recommend her for treatment, coaching or training!

Oksana Fore, Sep 2016

Kandi is the most compassionate person. She is very knowledgeable and soothing. She taught me Reiki 1 and 2 Levels and I can’t wait to learn more in Master’s class! Reiki truly helps to balance all of your emotions and body processes no matter what you are going through in life, this really works if you are willing to try.

Maryellen Pienta, Aug 2014

Reiki 4 Well Being’s Kandi Mullen can improve your well-being and change your life. How would you like to wake up every morning ready to hop right out of bed feeling great? No aches or pains, plenty of energy? That’s what learning the self-practice of Reiki did for me, and Kandi is the one who led me through two levels of training. Her expertise and experience as well as her ability to patiently instruct and demonstrate were the keys to my learning quickly. No question goes unanswered and there is plenty of followup dialogue and practice. I knew virtually nothing about the practice of Reiki before this training and now am confident in treating myself and others in this balancing, relaxing, and healing practice. If you are not interested in learning it as your own practice, Kandi also offers Reiki treatments for balancing, relaxing, and healing physical or emotional imbalances.