Relieved the pain

I had heard about Reiki, talked to Kandi about it and thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. You would never think that something like this would work, but it relieved the pain immediately from a shoulder injury. She put her hands on my back and then she spent a lot… Read more “Relieved the pain”

Whit Randolph, GA

Creating the life I want

Kandi worked with me on EFT and I have taken the level 1 Reiki course from her. These have had a profound impact on my life. Rather than battling anxiety and manufacturing difficult situations; I am now calm, centered, and creating the life I want. Thanks Kandi!

Paul Chimenti, FL

Highly recommend

Kandi was amazing from the moment I contacted her about what was going on in my life. She took the time to call me to discuss what treatments are available for my emotional state, as well as how they work and the details of what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that her… Read more “Highly recommend”

Megan Watcki, FL

A wonderful teacher

I have had wonderful experiences here with Kandi and with everyone I have met through her classes. My first experience was my husband and myself each having a Reiki session, that helped me feel a sense of peace that has eluded me forever. I wanted to learn all I could about Reiki after that and… Read more “A wonderful teacher”

Sally Locke, FL

Intuitive Reiki Master

Kandi is a skillful and intuitive Reiki Master. I am so happy that I was reintroduced to Reiki and completed levels 1 and 2 with Kandi. It is wonderful be able to offer that sacred space and healing to all beings through reiki. Kandi’s compassion during the pandemic was evident as she moved the healing… Read more “Intuitive Reiki Master”

Maria Teresa, FL

I totally recommend

I have taken Reiki 1 and 2 with Kandi. She is knowledgeable, warm, kind and empathetic. I was a complete newbie to Reiki but her classes were appropriate to all levels. Kandi is always there for guidance and support. I totally recommend her for teaching and training.

Susanne Donovan, FL

Absolutely amazing

Absolutely amazing. She is the real deal. So helpful and just spot on. I will only use her. I could not be happier with her sessions. She has helped me and my fiance to get a giant hold on a massive life shift. You will not be disappointed.

Susan Brown, FL

Peace and tranquility

The calming energy from my very first Reiki session brought peace and tranquility never known before without chemical intervention. The energy was not only effective for myself but for a very dear, dear person close to me that experienced multiple traumas during a near fatal car accident . . . as a result of a… Read more “Peace and tranquility”

Donna Lindsay, GA

Very informative

Kandi is amazing! Take the classes. She’s very informative. She explains things with such simplicity. I ended up taking both her classes and healing sessions.

Jean C, FL

Reiki class was amazing

I originally found Reiki 4 Well Being a couple of years ago on the Internet. I decided to call and the energy I felt from Kandi Mullen was amazing. I knew just from the phone conversation that I wanted to learn Reiki from her. My Reiki I class was amazing and I came out of… Read more “Reiki class was amazing”

Linda Lyons, FL

Inspirational and spiritual influence

I am so grateful to have found Kandi Mullen and taken Reiki Level 1 and II with her. I was a complete novice (having had one Reiki treatment in my life) before working with her. Her classes were appropriate for a newbie like me or for advanced holistic healers. The level i & II workshops… Read more “Inspirational and spiritual influence”

Denise Katakis

Amazing classes

Amazing classes, she teaches a great practice that can help your life and others! Highly recommend.

Carrie Moore, FL

Reiki changed my life

All I can say is that Kandi has changed my life. By life I mean the way I think, the way I process my feelings, the way I became aware of so many things that I wasn’t before. Her energy is smooth and yet so powerful. I will take everything she taught me for my… Read more “Reiki changed my life”

Ju Marslliac, Brazil

Enlightening experience

Had a beautiful reiki class with kandi last weekend. It is amazing truly enlightening experience it is how when you open yourself up to new ideas the universe provides you with the right teachers. She has really good energy field the whole time when I was in the class I felt the real PEACE, PRESENT… Read more “Enlightening experience”

Sankeerth, FL

Master training class

The master training included a wealth of information, however, Kandi presented the class in a really simple, but effective way to digest the material and not feel overwhelmed. It was really refreshing.

Sophia Papadopoulos, CA

Reiki has changed my life

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve taken your class. Reiki has changed my life. What a blessing! I want people to experience your class and know that Reiki can change their lives.

Maureen Swancey, FL

Deeply appreciate the work you do

I wanted to give you a note of thanks for your Reiki level 1 work with me.  The skills that I learned in your class allowed me to “balance” my energies, subsequently allowing me to experience a intensive spiritual “surge” that lasted for several months.  I’m not so sure that without your work that I… Read more “Deeply appreciate the work you do”

Chris Cobb, GA

Gifted healer

A gifted healer who has the ability to intuitively understand how to individualize her use of Reiki. The session is deeply relaxing and also seems to activate some kind of “re-set” button in a way that opens up possibilities and soothes fears. I appreciate Kandi’s honest and humble attitude towards her gift and find Reiki… Read more “Gifted healer”

Meg McLeroy, GA

Recommend her Reiki training

I recommend anyone looking for answers of how to heal from stress, anxiety, fear, bad relationships, pain, infertility, mourning or limited beliefs, please have a consultation with Kandi and truly consider her Reiki I training. Healing yourself has so many rewards that would take too long to explain in this one review. However, I will… Read more “Recommend her Reiki training”

Angel Scott, FL

She is warm and intuitive

I have taken classes, as well as having individual healing sessions with Kandi. She is warm and intuitive and always seems to share just the right thing to support my healing. It’s always a pleasure to connect with her.

Anna Bergstrom, FL

Stress and tension melted away

My visit with Kandi was my first time having a Reiki session performed on me. I was actually looking for essential oils and aromatherapy in Atlanta to help me regain a sense of inner balance and peace when I came across Reiki in general. After doing some research for a day or so on the… Read more “Stress and tension melted away”

Eric Norris, GA

Truly gifted

Amazing experience with Kandi! She is knowledgeable and full of honesty. She is truly gifted and talented, and I am thankful that I got to train with her! I look forward to the future!

Kristy Vins, FL

Transformational experience

I began working with Kandi approximately 5 years ago. I initially came to her for Reiki sessions. She is kind, gentle and very personable. She went above and beyond what I expected by taking extra time to talk with me and really get to know me and my situation and circumstances which brought me to… Read more “Transformational experience”

Lacey Cole, GA

Highly recommend working with Kandi

Working with Kandi to achieve my Reiki master certification has been a wonderful experience. She is knowledgeable and graciously addressed many questions that came up for me along the way. She has gone out of her way to make sure I have all the information I need to continue on my journey. She has a… Read more “Highly recommend working with Kandi”

Deanna Chimenti, FL

A transformative experience

Kandi’s teaching has been instrumental in choices that I have made over the last year to re-prioritize my own life and focus on my own well-being. The impact on the energy in my home, because I have reflected and acted on Kandi’s guidance, has had a transformative effect on the emotional wellness of my family.… Read more “A transformative experience”

Lisa Carter, VA

Great teacher

I took Kandi’s Reiki classes up to the Master Level and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her. Kandi is very patient in answering all of the questions you might have and has a deep knowledge when it comes to spiritual healing. Even after you complete your levels she is providing ongoing support… Read more “Great teacher”

Kim Listemann, FL

Compassionate and knowledgeable

Kandi is the most compassionate person. She is very knowledgeable and soothing. She taught me Reiki 1 and 2 Levels and I can’t wait to learn more in Master’s class! Reiki truly helps to balance all of your emotions and body processes no matter what you are going through in life, this really works if… Read more “Compassionate and knowledgeable”

Oksana Fore, FL

Reiki can change your life

Reiki 4 Well Being’s Kandi Mullen can improve your well-being and change your life. How would you like to wake up every morning ready to hop right out of bed feeling great? No aches or pains, plenty of energy? That’s what learning the self-practice of Reiki did for me, and Kandi is the one who… Read more “Reiki can change your life”

Maryellen Pienta, CO

Wonderful healer

Thank you so much for including me in your in home Reiki session. I loved being in your place and the energy was great. I think you must have a gift for healing because you went right to two of my “sore” spots, my left hip and neck and shoulder. You are one wonderful example… Read more “Wonderful healer”

Gail Reid, GA

Soothing and calming

I needed to stop, pause and contemplate to understand what was happening as it appeared everything was colliding together work-life-personal… a lack of balance.  While I worked through my thoughts, I needed someone to listen and guidance. As I reflect on that time of uncertainty, what I appreciated most and left such an amazing impression… Read more “Soothing and calming”

Marjorie Abbott, GA

Immediately comfortable with Kandi

I was immediately comfortable with Kandi as a person and as a teacher. Her calm disposition put me at ease. She began our instruction in a relaxed manner and it made me feel peaceful and able to slow down. As Kandi introduced us to the history of Reiki in this country, I knew that I… Read more “Immediately comfortable with Kandi”

C.W. Petit, FL

Reiki has changed my life

Kandi is truly amazing! I have gotten certified with her for Reiki 1 & 2. She is such a caring, compassionate person! She is not only a great Reiki practitioner though also a great teacher as well! Highly recommend! Reiki has changed my life in so many ways & I give all a big thanks… Read more “Reiki has changed my life”

Brandi Lee, FL

Highly recommend her classes

I took Kandi’s Usui Reiki level 1 and level 2 course. I liked that she teaches only Usui reiki and she wants her clients to learn the traditional method of doing Reiki. She teaches the history and gives students plenty of time to practice reiki. Her energy is very soothing as well. I highly recommend… Read more “Highly recommend her classes”

Andrea Barranco Blanco, FL

A wonderful practitioner

Kandi is a wonderful practitioner, as well as a Master level practitioner. She is very thorough in her certification classes, and offers continued support even after we complete the course. I was skeptical in who I would choose to receive my training from, and I am very pleased with my choice. I look forward to… Read more “A wonderful practitioner”

Alexandra Leigh, FL

Highly recommend this course

I recently completed the Level 1 class and was totally pleased with what I learned. Kandi is patient, kind and totally understanding of the needs of each student. Since completion of the course I have experienced a renewed energy and sense of well being. An understanding has awakened a realization of the spiritual power that… Read more “Highly recommend this course”

Terry Bulla, FL

Very knowledgeable

Kandi at Reiki 4 Well Being is very knowledgeable, and she loves what she does, which shows in her kind and caring demeanor with her students. Once you have taken a class from her, she becomes your teacher for life. You can go to her with any questions or concerns at any point in your… Read more “Very knowledgeable”

Holly Talarchyk, TN