Reiki can change your life

Reiki 4 Well Being’s Kandi Mullen can improve your well-being and change your life. How would you like to wake up every morning ready to hop right out of bed feeling great? No aches or pains, plenty of energy? That’s what learning the self-practice of Reiki did for me, and Kandi is the one who led me through two levels of training. Her expertise and experience as well as her ability to patiently instruct and demonstrate were the keys to my learning quickly. No question goes unanswered and there is plenty of followup dialogue and practice. I knew virtually nothing about the practice of Reiki before this training and now am confident in treating myself and others in this balancing, relaxing, and healing practice. If you are not interested in learning it as your own practice, Kandi also offers Reiki treatments for balancing, relaxing, and healing physical or emotional imbalances.

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