Peace and tranquility

The calming energy from my very first Reiki session brought peace and tranquility never known before without chemical intervention. The energy was not only effective for myself but for a very dear, dear person close to me that experienced multiple traumas during a near fatal car accident . . . as a result of a traumatic brain injury suffered during the accident, this individual was left to the trial of the general medical community not offering any support other than drug induced stupors for sleeplessness, pain and lack of concentration. Reiki sessions produced such profound results that now this very young man asks for the peace and presence of her healing touch through Reiki. Fevers, pain and general malaise have been significantly improved through Reiki, giving new hope to someone that was told life would never offer relief from traumatic injuries. Not only is Kandi a Reiki Master, she is a spirit and gift that offers healing that regenerates and promotes life at its very core.