Gift of Reiki

What I love about Kandi as a teacher is that she tells you exactly what Reiki IS and what it IS NOT. That’s super important, and as someone who likes things to be very specific and exact, I appreciate her distinction and discipline with details tremendously.

After Reiki I, I had found the grounding that I needed for a long time. Then, I went on to Reiki II. Once again, I was skeptical about distance Reiki because I knew nothing about it. Even during the class, I was a little skeptical and unsure. Then, I conducted distance reiki for 7 days straight and had multiple amazing experiences with the client, completely through distance work.

After that, I had another revelatory spiritual experience while meditating/doing yoga, of witnessing a beautiful vibrant blue light, which I completely attributed to Reiki’s help and healing.

I’ve already seen the benefits of Reiki in myself and my loved ones who I’ve practiced on.

I’m so excited to keep working with Kandi, and go onto Reiki III. When I started Reiki I, I thought I would stop there. I didn’t think I needed any more. But once I saw the benefits, it makes me so excited to be able to share the gift of Reiki with others in multiple ways 🙂

Thank you, Kandi!! You’re the best!

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