Reiki Healing Treatments

Reiki Healing Treatments Can Help

A Reiki healing treatment is generally described as soothing, promoting a deep sense of relaxation. Reiki supports healing as it enhances the body’s natural healing response and gently influences the body towards balance – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Scheduling a Reiki Healing Treatment

Are you experiencing stress and anxiety from everyday work-life demands? Are you living with physical pain or a chronic condition? Would you like to feel calmer, relaxed, grounded and have more clarity? Would you like to ease the symptoms of everyday stress and feel better? Reiki practice can help!

Schedule a session below or contact me to create a custom package that best meets your needs. Together we will create a plan with the goal of helping you to feel better. Still have questions?

Wonderful healer

Thank you so much for including me in your in home Reiki session. I loved being in your place and the energy was great. I think you must have a gift for healing because you went right to two of my “sore” spots, my left hip and neck and shoulder. You are one wonderful example of someone freeing herself to travel her true journey. It’s great to be around you.

Gail Reid, GA

Distant Sessions - practitioner and client in different locations

  • 40-Minute Session $55

  • 60-Minute Session $85

  • Package - Four 60-Minute Distant Sessions $295

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In Office Sessions - by appointment only

  • 60-Minute Session $100

  • 90-Minute Session $150

  • Package - Four 60-Minute In-Office sessions $355

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Gifted healer

A gifted healer who has the ability to intuitively understand how to individualize her use of Reiki. The session is deeply relaxing and also seems to activate some kind of “re-set” button in a way that opens up possibilities and soothes fears. I appreciate Kandi’s honest and humble attitude towards her gift and find Reiki to be a wonderful resource for self-care.

Meg McLeroy, GA

Reiki Healing Treatment Options
There are two types of traditional Reiki healing treatments available. A treatment conducted on a standard massage table where the practitioner and client are located in the same room or a distant Reiki treatment, a practice where the practitioner and client are in different locations. Both types of treatments are equally effective.

What to Expect During a Reiki Healing Treatment
Reiki healing treatments are generally conducted on a standard massage table in order for the client to enjoy a very comfortable and peaceful experience. If it is not possible for the client to receive the treatment lying down, then a chair may be used in place of the massage table. The client remains fully clothed for the entire treatment so it is best to wear loose fitting or comfortable clothes during the session.

The Reiki session typically begins with the client lying on their back. The practitioner will begin the treatment either at the crown of the head or torso followed by a series of hand placements. Hand positions may be held in place anywhere from 3-5 minutes. The touch is very gentle with no applied pressure or the practitioner places their hands a few inches slightly above the client.

The second part of the session continues with the client lying on their stomach. The practitioner will continue with a series of hand positions either placed directly on the body or hovering a few inches above the client's body.

Reiki treatments address the whole body as it encourages the system towards balance.  As the system restores balance the client tends to feel improvement from physical symptoms or problematic areas start to feel better.

Often times, a Reiki healing treatment is extremely relaxing and provides the client with a delightful sense of well-being.

A Reiki session addresses the whole body and has been known to help relieve pain, release stress and anxiety, ease symptoms of conventional medicine such as chemotherapy, while improving sleep and digestion.

The length of a Reiki session can vary depending on the client's needs and can vary from 60 - 120 minutes per session.

Distant Reiki Healing
Distant Reiki treatments are a convenient way to experience a healing session from the comforts of your own home or place of convenience. This type of treatment is especially helpful for clients that have limitations on their travel abilities due to medical conditions, time constraints or other challenging circumstances.

After scheduling a distant treatment a convenient time will be established between the Reiki practitioner and client.

The treatment will begin at the established time and the client will sit or lie down in a comfortable position either on a bed, sofa, reclining chair or position of choice. It is always best to have a blanket, glass of water and tissues available during the session.

Scheduling a distant Reiki session is just as beneficial as the hands-on method.

Once the Reiki session concludes, a brief discussion via phone will take place to review the session and to answer any questions.

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