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Reiki 4 Well being offers services that encourage sustainable, healthy, lifestyle changes based on individual goals to address a broad spectrum of needs.

Michelle Johnson was suffering from many physical conditions which was affecting her quality of life. She completed her Reiki master training and taught her husband, Lee, who was struggling with emotional stress and anxiety from grief. Reiki practice changed their lives and they are now helping others including raising funds for a children's hospice and animal shelter.

Kandi Mullen - Reiki For Wellbeing

10 months 1 week ago

Suncoast Humane Society is thinking outside the box by offering Reiki to pets through their Enrichment Program.

Kandi Mullen - Reiki For Wellbeing

11 months 2 weeks ago

A paramedic fired for honoring the patient's choice of treatment?

The patient refused conventional treatment, but consented to a Reiki treatment when offered by the paramedic based on her beliefs in holistic medicine. The paramedic was terminated by the healthcare system claiming his "clinical judgement was questionable."

From a patient standpoint, if treatment was refused twice, ethically, I would expect caregivers to be respectful of that decision and comply.

This is a good read for those interested in sharing Reiki with animals. A couple of points that stand out that I don't have the same understanding as Kathleen Prasad; in sharing Reiki with others that it involves therapy touch when working with people and meditation in working with animals.

In my 10 years of practice, I have shared Reiki with others without touch, by placing my hands above the individual. The recipient of the session typically has a response to the session just as those that have had a session with light touch. In working with animals, if possible and safe, I also place my hands directly on the animal or I will offer distant Reiki, a practice that does not require touch or the animal to be present for the session. I generally do not meditate when offering Reiki as to be present and aware of the person or animal that I am working with.

What has been your experience when practicing Reiki with animals?

Practicing Reiki isn't just for adults. Kids are under a tremendous amount of pressure and parents are turning to this simple practice to help them manage their stress at an early age.

Kandi Mullen - Reiki For Wellbeing

A beautiful evening sharing the gift of Reiki.

Kandi Mullen - Reiki For Wellbeing

Welcoming Reiki practitioners for our share tonight.

Kandi Mullen - Reiki For Wellbeing

Update on this little guy! His visit to the vet oncologist on Tuesday was a happy one. His CBC test showed improvement and white blood cell count was normal. The office was surprised at how good he looked and how well he was doing. Next visit.....three weeks out.

Reiki treatments support pets and animals too. Thrilled to be able to help out this little guy.

Kandi Mullen - Reiki For Wellbeing

Started working with this sweet cat on June 29th diagnosed with cancer. His owner noticed the past few days that he was acting more like himself, had a little more energy and ate some food on his own as he's been on a feeder. Hoping to hear some good news next week when he has a follow up on his condition.

Kandi Mullen - Reiki For Wellbeing

1 year 10 months ago

Reiki for horses; keeping it simple

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