Introduction to EFT Tapping Workshop

EFT Tapping – A Universal Healing System for Personal Transformation and Healing

 EFT Tapping Intro Workshop
Heal, Transform and Thrive

Introduction to EFT
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Investment: $49

 Do you carry feelings of anxiety, pain, fear, phobias, grief and loss?

 Are you tired of reliving unpleasant experiences and memories over and over again?

 Do you want to feel better with improved energy, sleep, clarity and more joy?

EFT Tapping is a practice that involves gentle tapping on specific end points also known as meridian points.  Tapping on these meridian points help to release negative thoughts or emotions that contribute to physical pain or discomfort, limiting thoughts and beliefs and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.

EFT is easy to learn and practice empowering YOU to transform and change your emotional, physical and mental health by participating in your own healing. Tapping can be performed individually for self-healing or together with a coach or EFT practitioner gently guiding you through the tapping process.

Registering for this empowering EFT Tapping workshop will teach you a simple method of tapping to release negative emotions that affect the mind body connection. EFT supports healing by letting go of emotional disruptions and break through debilitating barriers keeping you from achieving your dreams! Discover how EFT can offer you freedom from emotional and physical challenges!

Register for this EFT Tapping workshop today and learn how you can transform your health and live more joyfully! details will be sent upon registration.