About Kandi

About Me photo in a green, flowery dress. Beautiful greenery in the background.  About me

Reiki is an effective spiritual, healing therapy that is beneficial for everyone. It is essential in balancing the whole person – body-mind and spirit for maintaining optimal health and well being. Having completed all of the necessary requirements to teach Reiki, I am able to work with others in guiding them through a deeper understanding and commitment to their own daily practice.  Reiki is one of the most wonderful and beautiful experiences that can be incorporated into daily life for self-care.

As we honor and nurture the simplicity of our daily Reiki practice we can begin to appreciate the subtle transformative experience that unfolds before us, expanding our awareness and ability in making a deeper connection with our inner self, and empowering each individual on their personal journey of self-care and spiritual wellness.

As I continued my therapeutic healing work with clients, I found more and more individuals in need of a greater human connection. Discussions following a Reiki treatment included more in depth conversations on work-life balance and the ever present “what to do next with my life”.  So, in the Fall of 2009, I completed my certification as a life coach and today have expanded my focus on health and wellness services to support positive lifestyle changes in any area of life.

By empowering others to understand the connection between our body-mind and emotions and how it affects our lifestyle behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and feelings – I am able to help people understand how their lifestyle choices can affect their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

I believe the connection and balance between body-mind and spirit is an essential part of everyone’s personal growth and development as they begin a new path creating a healthy, joyful and spiritually connected life.

Do you have questions? Please contact me for a consultation. I can help you understand what service would support your overall needs.  All consultations are 100% confidential.