How Reiki practice was my calm before the storm

Reiki practice, the calm before the storm
The calm before the storm at the beach

The past several weeks has certainly been a tumultuous time for many of us around the world. From wildfires in the Western United States to hurricanes in the Southeast and Southwest to monsoons in South and West Asia.

Many have a connection to a loved one, family member, friend or friend of a friend affected by these catastrophic storms. The stress and anxiety experienced during these turbulent times can prove overwhelming and challenging without a practice to support our emotional and mental well-being.

My personal experience from Hurricane Irma certainly challenged me with preparing to deal with something I had never been faced with before. I had to plan for not only my own safety, but the safety of an aging parent as well. With a hurricane, there is some time for preparation which is certainly advantageous, but the long list of necessary arrangements from the day it is forecasted to strike to the potential aftermath of the damage is daunting. In addition, I had to organize my thoughts to prepare for different scenarios, potentially remain in the path of Irma or travel out of town and take refuge with friends or family members.

My daily self-care Reiki practice was instrumental in supporting me to remain calm and grounded as Hurricane Irma grew closer to my home. It gave me a way to fall back and retreat at the end of a long day to care for myself and to restore balance for a restful night’s sleep, knowing that the following day would require continued preparation. I began each day with clarity after my morning Reiki practice which supported my ability to use critical thinking when setbacks arose from preparations that had been established.

Reiki was my ability to hit the reset button from the intensity of the chaos and stress of loved ones and friends expressing tremendous concern. Reiki was my calm to navigate through the storm.

Reiki practice is easy to apply no matter the circumstances we encounter, first by caring for ourselves and then by reaching out and helping others near and afar. Let Reiki be your calm to support you and your family during times of uncertainty as you navigate through life experiences with greater ease and peace.

What is your calm before the storm? In the wake of chaos and turbulent times how do you weather the storm that steers your way? Perhaps Reiki practice can support you the next time you need to reset, recharge and stay calm.

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  1. It sounds like we live close by, because of Irma, I’m near Tampa and am fairly new to Florida. I am looking for reiki classes or any new age type groups. Also really into aromatherapy. If you know anywhere close to Tampa. I know someone in Sarasota but that’s so far. Let me know if you could help me. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment Cindy. I sent a note with more details about workshops and classes in the Tampa Bay area. I look forward to connecting soon.


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