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Creating the life I want

Kandi worked with me on EFT and I have taken the level 1 Reiki course from her. These have had a profound impact on my life. Rather than battling anxiety and manufacturing difficult situations; I am now calm, centered, and creating the life I want. Thanks Kandi!

Paul Chimenti, FL

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The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you

~Tom Bradley

Reiki practice by the sea

Do you have a practice for self-care to support personal healing? Do you have a calling to help others? Do you want to feel better? Reiki is easy to learn and practice and offers a variety of benefits. Discover how this spiritual healing practice can help restore emotional, physical and mental balance.

Reiki to support a healthier lifestyle


Learn how you can implement sustainable, positive lifestyle habits to create a balanced, healthy and joyful life through our personalized wellness coaching. We’ll help you navigate through the challenges of releasing old habits to keep you focused and in control of your own destiny. 


Reiki and EFT support emotional balancing


Transform stress and anxiety with improved health and well-being through a universal healing method, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Create more joy and happiness as you discover how EFT can virtually address any situation that causes physical pain, discomfort and emotional imbalances.


Inspirational and spiritual influence

I am so grateful to have found Kandi Mullen and taken Reiki Level 1 and II with her. I was a complete novice (having had one Reiki treatment in my life) before working with her. Her classes were appropriate for a newbie like me or for advanced holistic healers. The level i & II workshops helped me to establish a self care practice and provide occasional distance sessions. Kandi remains an inspirational and spiritual influence in my life. She is always open and available to provide guidance on a broad range of healing practices and continually opens me to new ways of seeing the world. I highly recommend her for treatment, coaching or training!

Denise Katakis